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Replacement US Navy Uniform Buttons

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  • Gold finish
  • Various ligne sizes
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  • Quality Waterbury Buttons
  • Military Spec, Gold finish
  • For wear on US Navy Service Dress Blue and Dinner Dress Blue Uniforms
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    Product Questions

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    Hi Im trying to replace a gold button on the US Navy CPO Male Dress blue uniform. Which Button Ligne size do I need for that uniform?
    I am trying to replace gold buttons on a long naval academy coat. The ones I have are 1". Which size and what kind of back should I order?
    What does the 23 ligne button look like on the back side? I wish to sew these on my blue blazer sleeves.
    I am trying to replace the buttons for a Naval Officer Dress Blue
    The ones that go over the chest(heart).
    What size is that?
    Do you have the 40L pewter zumwalt buttons?
    What size is bridge coat button
    I am trying to replace the buttons on an officer's Navy peacoat. What kind are needed please.
    I'm looking for a set of replacement navy buttons. I need 2 front buttons (ligne 30) and 8 cuff buttons (ligne 24) Do you sell sets?
    Which button "back" do I need for the front buttons on a Service Dress Khaki Officer's uniform jacket?
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