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Premium Army Saber & Scabbard Item Number: 88-103

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Price: $450.00
  • Designed exclusively for Marlow White, this saber is appropriate for special occassions

  • Inspired by the historical Model 1850 Army Staff & Field Officer's Sword

  • $25 Optional Sword Etch (additional 1-2 days to process order)

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    Price: $450.00


  • Design based off the historical Model 1850 Army Staff & Field Officer's Sword
  • Cast hand guard with "US" letters embedded
  • Eagle head pommel
  • Solid-brass casting, nickel-plated
  • Black ABS plastic grip with sharkskin imitation surface
  • 3 silver-plated brass wires around the handle
  • Blade:
  • Forged, curved stainless steel blade, 7/8 inch wide
  • Acid etched with US Army saber pattern
  • Individual serial number etched on blade spine
  • Scabbard:
  • Carbon steel tube, nickelplated with 3 brass fittings
  • 2 soldered carrying rings
  • Additional Information:

    WKC designed this saber specifically for the customers of Marlow White. We do not recommend its use in formation with others wearing the Army Saber. Rather this saber is intended for special occasions such as military weddings, ceremonies, and retirements. The Army Premium Saber can be impressively displayed in your home or office on our locally handcrafted Sword Plaque.

    The Marlow White Difference

    The Marlow White Difference.

    The Marlow White Difference.

    Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    Is there a reason why the premium M1902 only comes in lengths of 30 and 32? I'm of shorter stature and a 28" blade is more my size.
    I see that you all are saying this saber is for special occasions, but is it authorized? Specifically is it authorized for a Commander of Troops in an official ceremony like a Change of Command?
    How/ long is the cord? Is the knot the same size as the Navy sword knot? Is this the only sword knot authorized for an Army Sabre/sword?
    Why are there different lengths of NCO sabers? I am ordering one for a retiring NCO, how do I know the length to purchase?
    Can the U.S. Army Officer Ceremonial Belt (MI) be worn with the Blue ASU with award ribbons or are medals worn with ceremonial belt?

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