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Wearing the US Army Saber

Pictured is the Army Officer Saber worn with a saber guard, saber chain, and an officer ceremonial belt. The saber chain, saber guard, and one of the two types of saber belts (a ceremonial belt or a black leather belt) are mandatory accessories for wear with the Army Saber, although a dress strap (not pictured) may be worn in lieu of the saber guard.

How to wear the US Army Officer Saber, by Marlow WhiteThe saber is worn on the left side, but, due to the angle of the saber, is worn more towards the back (very near the location of your back, left trouser pocket).

The saber chain attaches to the metal post of the saber guard.

The scabbard attaches to the saber chain via the hook and clip. As the picture shows, the hook is attached to the top scabbard loop, and the clip is attached to the lower scabbard loop. The saber is worn with the hand guard facing in (resting against you), and the saber will angle towards the front next to your left leg (the tip will often be against your leg, touching somewhere between your knee and ankle).

The dress strap is worn in a similar manner and position as the saber guard. The square hook on the saber chain hooks onto the nickel buckle of the saber dress strap.