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How to Wear The Coast Guard & Navy Sword Knot

Video Instructions

Navy and Coast Guard Sword Knot consists of a loop of 1/2 inch gold lace, 24 inches long with slide and tassel. This knot is worn with the US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Public Health Service, and NOAA Commissioned Corps swords.

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Text/Photo Instructions

Preparing The Sword Knot. While holding the blade handle to the left, pass the lace through the slit in the guard of the hilt. When forming the initial bight of lace the suspended lengths should be somewhat disproportionate. (One end should be 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch longer than the other.)

After taking one turn of the remaining lace and knot around the sword handle, pass the sword knot through the protruding initial bight and adjust the lace slide, as illustrated below:

Take two or more additional turns. Upon completion, the knot should hang free as illustrated below: 

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