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Male Commissioning ASU Package Item Number: 09K-x39

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Price: $485.00
  • Multiple certified fabric options available

  • Package contains the basic required components
    for Class A & Class B uniforms

  • Trousers & Coat come unhemmed with branch sleeve braid unattached

  • Due to an industry wide cloth shortage, some sizes are temporarily out of stock.
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    Price: $485.00


    • Coat (unattached braid)

      Male Officer ASU Coat

    • Removable Bright Buttons

      Army Service Uniform and Mess Uniform Buttons

      The Hamilton-Finish bright buttons are made by the Waterbury Button Company and are available in both Regular Army and Engineer styles. You can choose either a complete set or an individual button as needed.

      Prices are listed in the drop-down menu options.

      Some buttons are sold on separate pages:

    • Trousers (with belt loops)

      Male Officer & NCO ASU Trousers

    • ASU Long Sleeve White Shirt

      Male Army ASU White Long Sleeve Shirt

    • ASU Short Sleeve White Shirt

      Male Army ASU White Short Sleeve Shirt

    • Black Bow Tie

      Black Bowtie

      • Pre-tied bowtie with an adjustable neck strap.
      • Adjusts to fit neck sizes from 14" to 20".
      • 100% Polyester Satin Finish.
      • Dry Clean.
    • Long Necktie

      Black Necktie

      • Tie-yourself regular black tie.
      • 100% Polyester.
    • Black Beret

      US Army Black Beret

    • Nylon Shoulder Straps & Shoulder Clips

      Male Army Shoulder Straps

      • Shoulder Clips included
      • Nylon and Gold Bullion embroidery options available
      • Sold as a pair
      • Designed to meet and/or exceed the Institute of Heraldry's specifications

      Our shoulder straps are designed to meet and/or exceed the Institute of Heraldry's specifications.

      This is why we include a free Intercept-Lined® Shoulder Strap Protective Case with every order of bullion straps.

      Shoulder Strap Sale: We are overstocked on certain bullion shoulder straps and are offering them at a sale price. Visit our overstock page to see if your branch/rank combination is listed.

      Please note: We try very hard to maintain a realistic stock of all rank and branch combinations in nylon (e.g., we do not stock CW3 Infantry, etc). Also, while we try to keep a robust stock of gold bullion shoulder straps, these items may take up to 3 months to manufacture. We will contact you if we do not currently have the item you desire in stock.


    • Shoulder Marks

      Army Officer Shoulder Marks

      Marlow White's shoulder marks are available in the deluxe bullion or the standard nylon. All ranks are available. See Details tab for additional information.

      How to Wear: Shoulder marks (or rank tabs) are worn on ASU shirts, the maternity shirt, the black cardigan sweater, the all-weather coat, and the windbreaker. AR 670-1 refers to large and small (not male or female) and allows soldiers to wear either size in a manner that fits the shoulder loop so that the buttons are completely visible and the Velcro tabs are completely usable in a manner that allows the marks (tabs) to lay flat and not scrunch up. 

      What size do I Order?

      Male ASU Shirts:

      • For Marlow White shirts, the large shoulder marks fits size 14 and up.
      • Some manufacturers have slightly smaller shoulders, so on other brands, Size 14 may require small shoulder marks.

      Female ASU Shirts: 

      • For size 8 and down, use small shoulder marks.
      • For size 12 and up, use large shoulder marks.
      • Size 10 is borderline and is personal preference, though we would recommend small shoulder marks.

      We do not stock and sell sweaters, maternity wear, windbreakers, or overcoats, so we cannot definitively recommend a size on these items. Nearly all overcoats and windbreakers will accept the large tab, though. Sweaters that fit a medium frame or smaller will generally need the small tab to allow the tab to lay flat.


      Note of Dimensions in AR 670-1 (11 November 2017): The dimensions listed for the base and top width of the marks are correct, but the AR leaves out that these are the INSIDE measurements (as noted on the Institute of Heraldry drawings), so that the marks correctly fits the shoulder loops of the uniforms.

    • Sta-Brite™ Belt-Buckle-Tip

      Non-tarnish Belt-Buckle-Tip

      • Buckle and belt tip have non-tarnish finish (non-tarnish, 22-carat gold-plated). Belt is black woven elastic that allows about an inch "give" when worn, allowing for more comfort.
      • Regular length will fit sizes up to 45 inches. The Long belt will fit up to 55 inches (only available in male style).
      • Male belt is 1-1/4" wide. Female belt is 1" wide.
    • StaBrite™ Branch, U.S., and 2LT Rank Insignia

      Army Officer Non-Tarnish Branch Insignia

      • Non-tarnish, 22-carat gold-plated insignia.
      • Several branches (AG, Signal, Aides, etc.) have enamel finishes.
      • Items are sold in pairs, i.e., a quantity of 1 U.S. Insignia equates to 2 Insignia pins.
    • Overseas Service Bars (up to 2)

      Army Blue Overseas Service Bars (OSBs)

      • Nylon embroidered to match the Natick-specified "Goldenlite" color
      • Worn by officers and enlisted Soldiers
      • One OSB is worn for each completed 6-month period in an authorized combat zone during a specified combat time period
      • Priced per bar..

      How to Wear: OSBs are centered on the bottom of the right sleeve with the lower edge positioned 1/4" above the sleeve braid.

    • 2 ASU Nameplates (14 letters max, ALL CAPS)

      Army Service Uniform Nameplate

      • Dimensions: 1" x 3" x 1/16" thick
      • Maximum of 14 letters
      • Quick production! Production time is currently 1 business day.

      Minimum quantity is 2 nameplates.

      2 for $10.00, 3 for $14.00, 4 for $17.00

      • We can also do bulk orders for a discounted price
    • Pair of Black Socks

      Package of 3-Pair Black Dress Socks

      • 80% cotton, 15% Spandex, 5% Nylon.
      • Sold in packages of 3 pairs.

      Reinforced toe and heel with crew-length design (socks generally fit to mid-calf). This dress sock is thinner than a boot sock, but the weave in the heel and toe adds more reinforcement than the typical dress sock without increasing the sock's thickness.

      Fits sizes 7 to 13 male; 9 to 15 female.

      Please note: each quantity ordered below equals 3 pairs of socks.

    • Free Ground Shipping

    Package Does Not Include:

    The Marlow White Difference
    Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    If I purchase the full uniform that I need with all the ribbons and everything else. Are you able to put everything on the jacket before you ship it to me? Thanks
    What is the difference between shoulder straps? I am an AMEDD officer and am unsure what to order for shoulder straps? Also, I am being told I need shoulder boards. Is that the same as shoulder straps?
    If I purchased my ASU at clothing sales, would I still choose the classic material?

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