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Army Service Uniform Nameplate

In stock
  • Black textured nameplates
  • 1" x 3"
  • Maximum of 14 letters
  • Minimum quantity of 2 nameplates
  • Buy 3 for $4.00 each and save 20%
  • Buy 4 for $3.50 each and save 30%

Choose your options

Maximum 14 characters


  • Dimensions: 1" x 3" x 1/16" thick
  • Maximum of 14 letters
  • Quick production! Production time is currently 1 business day.

Minimum quantity is 2 nameplates.

2 for $10.00, 3 for $14.00, 4 for $17.00

  • We can also do bulk orders for a discounted price


Product Questions

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Do you offer magnetic Nameplates by any chance?
Do you produce names with special letters such as è or ï?
Do you offer name plates in other colors? I am in the MS State Guard and we need red name plates. Also can you substitute MS State Guard on the name plates and have buttons that have MS instead of US?
Does this item have cluch back fastener pins
Are you able to supply the JROTC
Are you able to supply different sizes of these nameplates? I am looking for 3/4" x 5", could possibly do 1" if you can't do 3/4" but would like the additional length to allow for more characters!
How long would it take for 2 or 3 nameplates to be shipped after order and payment? Thanks!
Does it come in all capitals right away?
Does it have 2 pins on the back to go through your uniform?
What is the font used for the Name?
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