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Marlow White's Commissioning Center

Welcome to Marlow White's Commissioning Uniform information center for Graduating Cadets and Candidates. We have put together several special programs for newly commissioned officers, whether you are an Academy cadet, an ROTC cadet, an OCS candidate, a Warrant Officer candidate, or a new direct commission. We trust you will enjoy our free FedEx Ground shipping on all orders over $250.

ASU Commissioning Packages

Male Officers


Check out our Male Officer ASU Center.

Female Officers


Check out our Female Officer ASU Center.

Army Mess Uniform Packages

Male Officers Blue Mess


Check out our Male Officer Blue Mess Uniform Center.

Female Officers Blue Mess


Check out our Female Officer Blue Mess Uniform Center.

ROTC Color Guards


Female ROTC

We have special uniform packages available for ROTC cadets participating in Color Guards. Visit our ROTC Color Guard uniform center for information and ordering details.

Navy ROTC Packages

We offer special packages and pricing for US Naval ROTC Cadets and OCS Candidates. Ordering the package can save you money on the items that are commonly needed when going from your entry program to a commission.

View our Naval ROTC Packages.

Visit our Navy Uniform Information Center if you need other accessories.

Other items


We now offer both low quarter shoes and pumps.  Both Bates® and Hush Puppies®  have a long history of providing comfort, quality, and durability. For more information, visit our Bates Shoes page.

Army Saber Packages

Click to view our Army Saber

WKC is the world's oldest and best producer of military swords and sabers. Marlow White is WKC's distributor in the US and can therefore offer WKC's superior quality at very competitive prices.

    Our Army Saber Package:
  • Army Officer Saber
  • Personalized Laser Etch
  • Officer Ceremonial Belt
  • Saber Chain
  • Dress Strap
  • Padded Carrying Case

You may also order individual Army Officer Sabers.

We carry a Presentation Gold-Blue Army Saber.

Navy Sword Package

We offer a Navy Sword Package, or individual Navy Swords (and accessories).

    Package includes:
  • Navy Officer Sword
  • Sword Belt
  • Padded Carrying Case
  • Sword Knot
  • Personalized Laser Etch

We also offer a Navy Premium Sword. That Marlow White jointly developed with the US Naval Academy. We also offer the Premium Sword as a Navy Premium Sword Package.