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First Responder Dress Uniform Trousers

  • Reinforced inside pockets

  • Rubberized waistband

  • Selection of stock and custom fabric types

  • Selection of stock and custom trouser braid options


  • Cloth and color typically selected to match dress coat
  • Reinforced Inside Pockets
  • Rubberized shirt stay at waistband
  • Stock Cloth & Colors available:
    • Black 100% Worsted Wool lightweight tropical weave
    • Black 55/45 Poly-Wool Gabardine weave
    • Midnight Blue 55/45 Poly-Wool lightweight tropical
    • Midnight Blue 100% Polyester Gabardine weave
    • Navy Blue 100% Worsted Wool lightweight tropical
  • Additional colors & fabrics available as special orders
  • Trousers are shipped un-hemmed unless using MW for alterations
  • Trouser Braid – many nylon and metallic colors are available.

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If you don't know your size: don't worry, simply select an approximate size. During checkout we will ask for your measurements to assist with uniform sizing.

Tip: Male trousers sizes are based upon your waist measurement and your general height. A 42R trouser would be worn by a male who has a 42-inch waist measurement and is between 5'8" and 6' tall. See: How to measure. Trouser length is not an issue when ordering because all trousers will need to be hemmed.



Need Alterations?

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