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First Responder Four-Button Dress Coat

  • Several stock colors

  • Quilted twill lining

  • Athletic cut and fit

  • Mil-spec cloth and manufacture

  • Variety of custom options


  • Available in Midnight Blue:
    • 55% Polyester 45% Wool, lightweight tropical cloth, mil-spec
    • 100% Polyester, gabardine cloth, mil-spec
  • Military specification cloth and manufacturing
  • Acetate twill lining provides better moisture absorption and also drapes well allowing the coat to conform to body contours without clinging
  • Recommended for: Police, Sheriff, Fire Department, and EMS
  • Custom Button Style and Colors (included in cost of coat)

Additional Order Options:

Custom Order Options:


Item Price and Options



If you don't know your size: don't worry, simply select an approximate size. During checkout we will ask for your measurements to assist with uniform sizing.

Tip: Male coat sizes are based upon chest and general height. A 40R coat would be worn by a male who has a 40-inch chest measurement and is between 5'8" and 6' tall. See: How to measure.



Need Alterations?

Visit our alterations page

Every uniform is shipped unaltered. You will need to coordinate alterations with a local tailor.

  • Every coat must be altered, possibly for sleeve length, but certainly to attach : sleeve braid, OSB's, soutache, chevrons, hash marks.
  • Every pair of trousers must be altered to the proper hem length.
  • All of our product images show uniforms with sleeve braid/soutache attached; we include the items but they are unattached. Mess jacket trefoils are already attached.

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