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Dinner Dress Formal Length Skirt

Blue Formal Skirt


  • 100% tropical worsted wool
  • Formal length skirt with acetate lining

Additional Information:

Worn with the Navy and Public Health Service Dinner Dress Blue and White Jacket Uniforms.


Item Price and Options



If you don't know your size: don't worry, simply select an approximate size. During checkout, we will ask for your actual measurements to assist with uniform sizing and one of our fitting specialists will then review your order for accuracy. See: How to measure for help with your sizing.

Slack and skirt length is not an issue because all slacks and skirts will need to be hemmed.


Need Alterations?

Visit our alterations page

Every uniform is shipped unaltered.

  • Every coat must be altered - possibly to change the sleeve hem length, but certainly to attach any: sleeve braid, OSB's, soutache, chevrons, and/or hash marks.
  • We strongly recommend that you arrange for alterations with a local tailor since the tailor can physically see the uniform on you.
  • All of our product images show uniforms with sleeve braid/soutache attached. These items come with the shipment, but are not attached.

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