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Army Blue Cape and Frog

Item Number: 09-900


  • 55/45 poly/wool Elastique fabric
  • Satin lining, satin facing, and a wool nap back
  • Includes decorative cord frog for wear with the cape
  • Natick-certified cloth

Additional Information:

Officers and Warrant Officers will need to specify their basic branch to designate the color of the satin. General officers' capes will have a dark blue lining; select "General Officer" in the 'Branch' drop down menu.

  • Per AR 670-1, enlisted soldiers are not authorized to wear the cape.
  • The cape may be worn optionally with the Army Dress White, Dress Blue, Mess, and Evening Mess uniforms.
  • Special Order Item: Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for production and delivery.
  • Female Capes: Presently, we are not offering the female blue or black capes. We are in the process of developing the female blue cape, but do not have a firm availability date yet. In addition, due to an inconsistency in the regulation, Female Capes are not currently authorized. We expect the upcoming AR670-1 revision will rectify this.
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