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Male Army Blue Service Stripes

  • One stripe for each completed 3-year period of service

  • Army Goldenlite braid


Blue, enlisted service stripes made of Goldenlite color rayon braid sewn onto a Melton felt backing.

Additional Information:

Service stripes represent years of service, one stripe for each completed 3-year period of service, and are worn by Enlisted and NCO Soldiers on the Dress Blue and Blue Mess uniforms. Select years of service using the option below.

"Pair" is a selected set of service stripes for each sleeve. For example, the sample shown at left is a pair of service stripes for someone who has completed 12 years of service.


Item Price and Options




Information on the Wear and Placement of the Service Stripes (excerpt from AR 670-1)

Wear of More than 10 Service Stripes is optional. There is also a physical limitation, in that one cannot move the placement of the chevrons on the sleeve. For this reason, the Soldier's shirt sleeve length provides a good rule of thumb as to how many large service stripes will fit on a sleeve, as follows:

  • 10 stripes -- 30" sleeve length minimum
  • 11 stripes -- 31" sleeve length minimum
  • 12 stripes -- 32" sleeve length minimum
  • 13 stripes -- 33" sleeve length minimum