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Male Army Blue Service Stripes

Item Number: 03-700


Blue, enlisted service stripes made of Goldenlite color rayon braid sewn onto a Melton felt backing.

Additional Information:

Service stripes represent years of service, one stripe for each completed 3-year period of service, and are worn by Enlisted and NCO Soldiers on the Dress Blue and Blue Mess uniforms. Select years of service using the option below.

"Pair" is a selected set of service stripes for each sleeve. For example, the sample shown at left is a pair of service stripes for someone who has completed 12 years of service.


Information on the Wear and Placement of the Service Stripes (excerpt from AR 670-1)

Wear of More than 10 Service Stripes is optional. There is also a physical limitation, in that one cannot move the placement of the chevrons on the sleeve. For this reason, the Soldier's shirt sleeve length provides a good rule of thumb as to how many large service stripes will fit on a sleeve, as follows:

  • 10 stripes -- 30" sleeve length minimum
  • 11 stripes -- 31" sleeve length minimum
  • 12 stripes -- 32" sleeve length minimum
  • 13 stripes -- 33" sleeve length minimum
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The Marlow White Difference.

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