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US Army Fourrageres

Item Number: 01-182

Additional Information:

Permanent and temporary fourrageres and lanyards, when authorized for wear according to AR-600-8-22, are worn on the left shoulder, with the cord passing under the sleeve and attached to the shoulder loop on the coat of the Class A Green and ASU (enlisted). Officers authorized to wear a fourragere or lanyard on the ASU coat must attach a 20-ligne button to the left shoulder seam, 1/2 inch outside the collar edge. Only one fourragere, lanyard, aiguillette, or cord is authorized for wear on each shoulder.

The French Green & Red Fourragere is pictured at left.

  • The French fourragere is worn when authorized for permanent or temporary wear.
  • The Belgian fourragere is worn only when authorized for permanent wear.
  • Netherlands orange lanyard is worn only when authorized for permanent wear.
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