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Enlisted Army Ceremonial Belt

Item Number: 01-050-E


Anodized, non-tarnish, 22-carat gold-plated buckle with US Coat of Arms. Belt is made of enlisted ASU cloth on a leatherette backing that resists shrinkage. Cloth belt keepers are finished pieces made of enlisted ASU cloth and quarter-inch braid. Belt is adjustable to 50", one-size-fits-all. Belt width is 1-3/4 inches.

Supply: We generally have a fairly large inventory of Enlisted Belts on hand.


Additional Information:

Wear of the Ceremonial Belt: The ceremonial belt is worn with the Army Service Uniform on ceremonial occasions, with or without a saber. The leather belt is typically not worn with the ASU. The wearing of a saber with a Mess uniform is unusual, but if done, one should use the ceremonial belt. Local unit SOPs may govern, so be sure to check these. We discuss this issue more fully in our FAQ.

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